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YOOROON is Jeroen van der Leijé. MSc in Business economics at Erasmus. Analytically very strong and a well deveoped aptitude to bridge the α-, β- en ɣ-disciplines

After a long career in as consultant in public management, organisation development at Shell, founder of a start up with Wageningen University, consultancy manager at Leiden University and Strategy & Change advisor for Europol, I know what it takes to make progress.

Obviously any challenge has its complexities. That is why you need a knowledgable and objective outsider. One that is committed to get results, but not hooked to any result in particular. I work together with a few other experts, if and when required.

If you value my approach then get in touch with me to share thoughts how we can get your challenge to fly in a way that suits you best. Without saying the same goes for projects, frustrations, companies, departments, groups and teams. 

Send an email to jeroen@ or give me a call at  +31 624 416 805, then I will provide you with opportunities and new insights!

P.S. if you are really looking for breathing space to engage in a deep and meaningful conversation, I strongly recommend a day of unreefed sailing.

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